How can I sell bitcoin at Coinfloor?

To sell bitcoin at Coinfloor you need to have access to our Exchange trading product.To access the Exchange trading, please complete account verification. Visit Account Verification on the My Account page to proceed.

Start with depositing your bitcoins from your wallet to your Coinfloor account. 

To sell bitcoins from your Coinfloor balance, you need to use the Exchange and place orders on our open orderbook.

You can place a limit order, where you specify the quantity of bitcoins you want to sell at a specified price (higher than the current market rate). Your order will then wait until matching orders appear on the buy side (willing to pay your ask price). Once that price is matched your order will automatically be filled (bitcoins will be sold at the price you have set at the time of placing the order).

Please note that a single order may be matched in one trade against a larger buy order or progress in partial matches against smaller orders.

Once your order is matched, your Coinfloor balance will be automatically adjusted. You can withdraw GBP (or any other fiat currency you may have traded for) as soon as you have a positive balance.

You can see all your open limit orders waiting to be matched below the order form on the Exchange page. To cancel a limit order that has not yet been matched, please go to the Exchange page and in "Your Open Orders" table you'll find a "Cancel" button next to each of your open orders. The order will be cancelled immediately upon pressing the button.

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