How can I close my Coinfloor account?

If you wish to close your Coinfloor Exchange UK account, this can be completed in two ways:

1) Select "Close Account" from within your Coinfloor Account, and complete the required steps.

2) Contact Coinfloor Support choosing "Close the account" as the Question type.

Our main priority is protecting our customers' security and funds, which is why we will ask you a few questions to validate you before we approve your request when using method 2.

Your Coinfloor Exchange UK account will be closed within 10 business days from confirming your request.

Please keep in mind that having an account with Coinfloor does not incur a fee and we keep and use information in line with the Data Protection Act of 1998. Therefore, if you do consider using our platform in the future, you can cancel this request to avoid the necessity to register your account once again.

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