Trouble with accessing a Coinfloor Exchange UK account.

1. I can't remember my password.

2. I can't remember the email address used for my account. 

Please follow the steps for the password reset as provided above. If you enter the email address that you suspect could have been used for your Coinfloor Exchange UK account, you will receive the password reset link to your registered email address. 

3. I'm not getting the SMS token / I haven't set up 2FA on this account.

Since January 2017, the SMS option is no longer available for sign-ins and password change. You can find out more about this change here:

2FA is mandatory for all users at all times. If you have not yet set it up for your account, you will be prompted to do so as soon as you sign in to your account. If you are requested to enter the token, it means you have already set up your 2FA either with your phone number (Authy) or a YubiKey.

If you own a YubiKey device, please use it to sign in/confirm password change. 

If you have registered 2FA with your phone number, please download the Authy App for your phone or computer / tablet (as a Chrome browser extension) and you will be able to use the tokens generated by it to sign in instead of SMS.

When you have registered for a Coinfloor Exchange UK account, you have been set up with Authy 2FA at the stage of receiving the registration SMS. If you have an Authy App set up with the same phone number as you have provided when registering with us, Coinfloor Exchange UK will automatically appear on your list of accounts in your app. 

Please also complete the Authy app set up by going to settings and setting up a password to protect the tokens from any potential third parties. Please also access the Devices section to disable the Multi-device feature which should only be enabled while you're connecting other devices to your Authy account. 

4. I've changed my phone number / lost my YubiKey.


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