What is Coinfloor?

Coinfloor Exchange UK is the most trusted, secure and reliable bitcoin exchange in UK. Our goal is to bridge the gap between traditional finance and Bitcoin and to provide a safe platform that gives traders and investors access to a fair, liquid and transparent bitcoin market. Our unique market model fuses advanced technologies with the oversight of professionals.

Based in the City of London, Coinfloor provides services to investors and traders:


Trade bitcoins at Coinfloor Exchange

Coinfloor Exchange is the perfect space for investors and traders. Superior exchange performance, built for speed, scalability and security. Further, it has tight spreads and the highest market liquidity for the XBT:GBP pair. Supporting also EUR and USD bitcoin markets.
Coinfloor Exchange is available to traders and investors holding Fully Verified Coinfloor Accounts and depositing a minimum of 5,000 GBP/EUR/PLN via international bank transfer or holding an XBT balance. For trades over 15 XBT please feel free to contact us to receive a quote.

Store bitcoins at Coinfloor’s Vaults

Coinfloor operates a 100% cold storage policy. All client bitcoins held in our system remain safe in offline storage held in underground vaults which maintain the same security standards as the Bank of England. A smart contract requires that withdrawals from the vaults must always be signed by multiple designated keyholders (multisig). Our policy prevents any unintended withdrawals from happening and insures against a loss of client funds, either via internal theft, external theft/coercion or poor handling of private keys. Cold storage does not get hacked and our vaults have proven to be resistant to bombing.

Coinfloor introduced trust, security and reliability to bitcoin trading. We’re the first provably solvent bitcoin company, with an experienced team taking exceptional care of user, data and funds security. Trade bitcoins with confidence.

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