How can I trade on Coinfloor Exchange UK?

Once your deposit has been processed or you have an XBT balance and it shows in your "Available Balance", select the "Exchange" option on the top navigation bar.
In the "Exchange" tab you will see the live Order Book and a choice of "Market Order" and "Limit Order". Market order is always instant, but limit order allows you to set the price you wish to pay or get for your bitcoin. It is up to you to decide which one to use.
The limit order form automatically calculates your order details based on 2 out of 3 parameters: quantity, price and total. A market order form calculates an estimate of the same parameters.

Once you place an order Coinfloor Exchange UK’s matching engine will find a corresponding offer and once it's fulfilled your Coinfloor Exchange UK balance will be automatically adjusted.
You can see all your open limit orders waiting to be matched in below the order form.
There are no open market orders as these are matched instantly at the current market price.

For day traders we recommend using Coinfloor Trader desktop application. It has the advantage of no session timeout and allows only trades without an access to any other functions like withdrawals. To sign in to Coinfloor Trader you need to use credentials that can be found in the Dashboard in the API section (User ID & Cookie) and your password. You can download the application here:

The performance of our state-of-the-art trading engine allows us to have the most generous API transaction limits in the industry. Using our API, you can directly integrate with our trading system. We provide native libraries and sample clients in popular programming languages for your use. Visit API documentation in GitHub:

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