How do I start?

Getting started with Coinfloor is just like opening a bank account without leaving the house.

Please visit

You will be requested to provide your email address and set up a password. You will then receive an email with a link to use to confirm your email address. Once you use the link, please sign in to your Coinfloor account using your email address and password (the email confirmation link should be clicked only once and please note that it expires after a couple of minutes).

At this stage you will be requested to either use a YubiKey or provide your mobile phone number and install Authy App to set up 2FA protection for your account.

To fully verify an account:

Please sign in to your Coinfloor account and initiate the verification process. You should see the verification page just after signing in. Please choose "Instant Verify" where you will be asked to provide your basic personal details. Upon submission, you will see a confirmation screen to verify that the details you have entered are correct. Once confirmed, you will receive the pre-approval results within 60 seconds. You will then also be presented with a document (ID) submission page. Please choose the appropriate document type from the dropdown and upload a high quality picture of your ID document (preferably a passport), with no major light reflections or obstructions. If the application pre-approval is successful and the document image quality allows for quick processing, your account will be fully verified within 24h.

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