How can I withdraw fiat from Coinfloor Exchange UK?

To withdraw GBP, EUR, PLN or USD, simply log in to your Coinfloor Exchange UK account and select "My Account" on the top navigation bar and select "Withdraw". Choose the asset you want to withdraw and follow instructions.

To place withdrawal requests you need to register your bank account details for international transfers (IBAN and BIC/SWIFT). The account you register must be held in your name and match the details you have provided in ID verification. Withdrawals to third party accounts are forbidden and will not be processed. If you wish to withdraw to a business bank account please upgrade to a Coinfloor Exchange UK Corporate Account.

How to register International Bank Details:

Please enter your bank details carefully as you will not be able to change these details without contacting Coinfloor Exchange UK Support and verifying your identity again. The form requires you to fill in your bank details for international transfers. You need to provide:

  • IBAN Number - IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number and it’s the standard format for identifying account numbers issued within Europe. Look for your IBAN number on your statement or check with your bank.
  • Bank Swift / BIC - stands for Bank Identifier Code and it tells the overseas remitting bank the address to send your funds to. Find it on your statement or check with your bank.
  • Bank Name, Branch Country, Street Address, Region (UK only), City, Postcode.
  • Here's a couple of useful links to various banks instructions on receiving international transfers: Barclay's, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander, NatWest.

*If you need to register non-IBAN account please contact Coinfloor Exchange UK Support.

Once you register your bank details you can place a withdrawal request. We process fiat withdrawals once a day during business hours.

The withdrawal will show in your account with a reference in the following formula “CFBOS[currency ISO code] withdrawal ID”, e.g. CFBOSGBP 8007, received from Coinfloor Limited.

How long does it take for fiat withdrawals to clear?

GBP and USD withdrawals usually arrive in 1-5 business days. EUR withdrawals arrive in 1-2 business days.

What are the minimum fiat withdrawal amounts and fees*?

Currency Withdrawal fee Minimum withdrawal amount
Pound Sterling (GBP) 60.00 GBP 2,000.00 GBP
Euro (EUR) 1.50 EUR 2,000.00 EUR
US Dollar (USD) 75.00 USD 2,000.00 USD

*The fees are used to cover charges levied by our bank for accepting and sending international transfers.

Coinfloor Exchange UK does not impose maximum limits on any operations. However, if you go over certain thresholds we will ask you additional questions regarding the nature of your relationship with Coinfloor Exchange UK.


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