Can I use Coinfloor on all browsers?

Coinfloor is supported by the following browsers:

Firefox v.28 or higher

Chrome v.33 or higher

Safari v.7 or higher

Opera v.22 or higher

Android browser *

Blackberry browser v.7+

OS Safari v.6.0+

*) Does not fully support Web Sockets.

We strongly advise to always update your software to avoid any display and functionality problems.

Here are some download links you may find helpful:

For day traders we recommend using Coinfloor Trader desktop application. It has the advantage of no session timeout and allows only trades without an access to any other functions like withdrawals. To sign in to Coinfloor Trader you need to use credentials that can be found in the Dashboard in the API section (User ID & Cookie) and your password. You can download the application here:

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