What security measures protect Coinfloor's API users?

Coinfloor offers a web sockets Application Programming Interface (API) optimised for ultra-low latency connections with deep security safeguards in place.

We offer SSL/TLS connections in order to encrypt the communications between your server and our server. By employing an Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) for our clients to authorize messages through our API, we eliminate the need for passwords to be sent over the internet or stored in our API servers. In contrast to other major bitcoin exchanges, we do not accept withdrawal requests through the API to any address or bank and we require users to use our website with two-factor authentication enabled.

Through multiple firewalls and load balancers we reduce the risk of our servers being compromised. However, in the event that one of our API servers is compromised, you can be sure no customer data is ever held on those servers.

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