How can I deposit funds to trade on Coinfloor Exchange UK?

Once you have submitted your ID and proof of address, your details have been verified and you have activated your Coinfloor account, you can fund your Coinfloor account with XBT, BCH, GBP, EUR and USD.

To deposit funds simply log in to your Coinfloor account and select the "Deposit" option on the top navigation bar. Choose the asset you want to deposit and follow instructions.

Bitcoin (XBT) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

You will find your unique bitcoin deposit address in the "Deposit" page. You can transfer your bitcoin to that address using your preferred wallet or client. Your bitcoin deposit address does not change without notice. If we do plan to change the address you will be notified by Coinfloor Support in advance. All bitcoin deposits are immediately stored within Coinfloor’s vaults and protected by a smart contract.

Bitcoin and bitcoin cash deposits are processed 24/7. The minimum bitcoin and bitcoin cash deposit amount at Coinfloor is 0.05 XBT and no fees are charged by Coinfloor.
Your deposit will be automatically credited to your Coinfloor account within approximately 1 hour for bitcoin (due to the 3 confirmations from the Bitcoin network required by Coinfloor to ensure transaction non-reputability plus a buffer of 10 min) and between 1 and 10 h for bitcoin cash (10 network confirmations required).

If you do not see your deposit appear in your Coinfloor account within 24 hours, please contact Coinfloor Support.

Cryptocurrency deposits that do not meet the minimum amount requirement are not detected by our deposit systems, are not cleared to clients' balances and there is no functionality to send them back automatically. If you have sent a deposit below minimum an wish to have it sent back, please contact Coinfloor Support, providing the txid and the reason for sending a deposit below minimum. The process to manually find and return this deposit may take a significant amount of time and a charge of 0.0005 XBT will be levied.

Pound Sterling, Euro, US Dollar

You will find Coinfloor’s client account details and your unique reference code in the "Deposit" tab.

It is extremely important to use your reference code and enter it correctly so that we can credit your deposit to your trading account. To avoid delays and errors, please enter the code by itself in the "message to beneficiary" field and do not add any additional words or numbers.
The reference code is just under the BIC/SWIFT code and in purple.

To fund your account you need to make a transfer to the displayed bank account. Coinfloor holds separate GBP, EUR and USD bank accounts. Please make sure to specify the currency to be sent when ordering the transfer with your bank.

IMPORTANT: Our active deposit details and processes may change from time to time so it is essential that you review all the deposit information before making deposits to ensure that your deposits are processed efficiently. Once your deposit is processed, you will receive an email notifying you of your balance update.

To fund your account with Pound Sterling, you need to make an international wire transfer to Coinfloor's client account and make sure to specify the transfer currency as GBP. If you use a SEPA transfer from a GBP denominated account, Coinfloor will receive EUR, so please make sure to use SWIFT.
To fund your account with Euro, you can make a SEPA transfer to Coinfloor's client account.
To fund your account with US Dollars you need to make an international wire transfer to Coinfloor's client account specifying the currency to be sent as USD.

Third party deposits are prohibited and will not be processed. That includes all money transfer services, e.g. TransferWise or Worldpay. We only accept transfers from a bank account showing the same details as provided in the ID and address verification. If you make a deposit from a joint account we may ask you to present a statement showing the names of both parties. If you want to deposit from a business bank account, please upgrade your Coinfloor account to Corporate.
Third party deposits that are not credited to a Corporate account or proven to be coming from a joint account, will be returned within 20 business days and an administration fee (60 GBP/25 EUR/75 USD) will be levied.

How long does it take for fiat deposits to clear?

We process deposits multiple times during business hours. International wire transfers can take from 0 to 5 business days to arrive. Using a Priority or Express transfer is the fastest deposit method and can clear within 3 hours. SEPA transfers usually arrive on the same or next business day. Please remember that banking cut-off times apply.

What are the minimum fiat deposit amounts and fees*?

Currency Flat deposit fee Minimum deposit amount
Pound Sterling (GBP) 5.00 GBP 5,000.00 GBP
Euro (EUR) 1.50 EUR 5,000.00 EUR
US Dollar (USD) 10.00 USD 5,000.00 USD

*The flat fees are used to cover charges levied by our bank for accepting and sending transfers.

Deposits below the minimum amount will be returned within 20 business days and an administration fee (60 GBP/25 EUR/75 USD) will be levied.

Coinfloor does not impose maximum limits on any operations. However, if you go over certain thresholds we will ask you additional questions regarding the nature of your relationship with Coinfloor.

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