How do I change my password?

It is possible for you to change your Coinfloor account password by going to the "Sign In" page, clicking "Did you forget your password?" and following instructions. Changing the password requires using an Authy or YubiKey token if you have already set up your two-factor authentication.
We require passwords with min. 8 characters. We will not send you your password nor will we have any access to it, so make sure it's memorable for you.

Click "Did you forget your password?"
Enter your email address to receive a message with a link to Reset Password page.
Use the link in the email from Coinfloor to go to Reset Password page.
Enter your new password twice and enter your 2FA token (if the token field is displayed).
Click “Change Password”.
You are redirected to the logged is view with a pop-up notice: "Your password was changed successfully."
Click “Sign Out”
See notice: "Signed out successfully."
Now you are able to sign in with your new password.


NOTE: If you are requested to enter a 2FA token, you must provide one. For YubiKey users, please use your YubiKey. For users who used to receive SMS for 2FA, please download Authy App and register it with the same phone number as you have been receiving SMS to.

If your account had only your email address and password registered, with no phone number or a YubiKey, you will not be requested to provide a token.

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