Can I use my business bank account for transfers?

If you want to use Coinfloor on behalf of your company, you'll need to upgrade to a Coinfloor Corporate Account. To use your Coinfloor account with Sole Trader funds, you'll need to upgrade your account to a Coinfloor Sole Trader Account.

Coinfloor does not allow for funds mixing, therefore you can only upgrade an account that has not yet been used with personal funds. Once the account is upgraded for a given entity, it can only be used for operating with the registered entity's funds. 

To operate with personal funds while operating a Corporate or a Sole Trader Coinfloor account, a separate Coinfloor Account for the person is required.  

To find out more or begin the upgrade process, please go to our Corporate and Institutional Enquiry page, fill the short form with your contact details and one of our Account Managers will get back to you shortly.

Direct link to the Corporate and Institutional Enquiry page:   

We look forward to putting you in touch with your dedicated Account Manager.

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