I have installed Authy but can't see Coinfloor on my list of accounts.

If Coinfloor does not appear on your list of accounts please take the first step of uninstalling the app and  reinstalling it. Your local install of Authy can become corrupted due to an OS update, factory reset, or something similar. 

We also recommend downloading Authy on to another device, such as a laptop or tablet, to assess if the problem is related to Authy or your device. The Authy App works with Windows, Linux and Mac. 

If you're still having issues, please try removing all previously registered devices on your Authy account (listed under settings), and reinstall the app. 

If all re-installation attempts fail, please contact Support with your Authy ID and the phone number registered to your Coinfloor account. You can find your Authy ID in the app settings. 

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