What can I do if I don't receive the registration SMS token?


An SMS token is sent only during the Authy registration stage during the application process for a Coinfloor Exchange UK account. An SMS is not sent for signing in or resetting a password.

If you used SMS to sign in to your account, you will be required to download the Authy app on your smartphone or computer (as a Chrome extension) and register it with the same phone number you received the SMS on. Coinfloor Exchange UK will appear on your list of accounts without the need to type codes or use QR codes.

SMS is a best effort protocol, meaning your carrier will do it's best effort to deliver the message to you. High network traffic or SPAM filters could prevent you from receiving the registration text message.

If you have not received the SMS, please follow these steps:

Verify that you have entered your phone number correctly.

Confirm that you are using a web browser that supports SMS requests. 

Install the dedicated app. Opening within your phone or computer browser will show you if there is an app for your device. You must enter the same phone number you used when applying for your Coinfloor Exchange UK account. If you see Coinfloor Exchange UK on the list of your Authy accounts, you can use the token from the app instead of the SMS token.

If you still do not receive the SMS or cannot install the Authy app, please contact Coinfloor Exchange UK Support and provide the phone number you were trying to use (including the country code).

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