How do I buy bitcoins via Express Buy?

Start with an active Coinfloor account.
Once you have submitted your ID and proof of address, your details have been verified and you have activated your Coinfloor account, you can start buying bitcoins from our Brokers.

Choose the Broker.
Go to Express Buy page to see the offers and choose the Broker you wish to buy from. Take note of the minimum and maximum amounts the broker can support at the time. The bitcoin price is updated every 60 seconds to ensure you get a fair price with no unnecessary margins. The price is tied to the current exchange price so you will always get as much as you can for the price.

Choose how much GBP you wish to spend.
Confirm the amount to wish to spend and that you understand that you will need to make a bank transfer from an account held in your name to the Broker’s bank account.

Read instructions carefully and transfer GBP to the Broker.
You will see payment instructions to follow closely. It is extremely important to make the GBP transfer using the details exactly as displayed. No more, no less.

Confirm the transfer, we’ll ask you twice to double check.
Once you have made your transfer, be sure to confirm transfer has been made. At this stage the bitcoin price is still dynamic and will be locked once you double-confirm you have completed the transfer. Please make sure to make the payment and confirm it within 30 min from receiving the details. If you fail to make the payment and confirm it within this time the transaction will be canceled.

Await the transfer to arrive.
Once you confirm the transfer, the bitcoins are reserved and will be released to your Coinfloor account once your transfer appears in the Broker’s bank account and he confirms the receipt.
Depending on banks, transfers can take from a couple of seconds to several hours. If in doubt, you can use the messaging space in transaction details to chat with the Broker. Please keep in mind that It is in the Broker's interest to confirm the receipt of funds as quickly as possible.

Enjoy your bitcoins!
Once your Broker confirms the receipt of the payment, you’ll have the reserved bitcoins credited to your Coinfloor account and you will be notified via email. Go to the Dashboard to check your balance. 


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