Can I change my registered two-factor authentication method?

Yes, if you’re looking to change your 2FA method, please contact Coinfloor Exchange UK Support choosing "2FA reset / change phone number" as Question type.

Your registered 2FA will be removed and you will be enabled to set it up again, using a different method. Due to the importance of this change to your account, you will need to respond to a couple of security questions. Coinfloor Exchange UK Support will act swiftly to re-enable your access to your Coinfloor Exchange UK account with your new two-factor authentication method.

Please note that changing 2FA is only needed if:

  • You have changed your phone number (not just the device)
  • You wish to switch between Authy and YubiKey
  • You wish to switch between YubiKey devices

If you're an Authy user, and you have changed devices, but your phone number remains the same you do not need the 2FA reset. Please download the Authy app on your new device and register it with your phone number. Please follow the on-screen instructions which may differ due to the replaced device circumstances. 

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