How can I have my Coinfloor account verified quickly?

Please sign in to your Coinfloor account and initiate the verification process. You should see the verification page just after signing in. Please choose "Instant Verify" where you will be asked to provide your basic personal details. Upon submission, you will see a confirmation screen to verify that the details you have entered are correct. Once confirmed, you will receive the pre-approval results within 60 seconds.

You will then also be presented with a document (ID) submission page. Please choose the appropriate document type from the dropdown and upload a high quality picture of your document, with no major light reflections or obstructions.

What speeds up the document verification?

  • Using a valid passport rather than driving license.
  • Submitting a high quality colour picture rather than a scan.
  • For passports, please include the full ID page and the page next to it.
  • For non-UK national ID cards, please submit one image that shows both sides of your ID card.
  • For driving licenses, please only submit the front of the photocard.


What results in the document verification failure?

  • Submitting images that are:
    • in low resolution,
    • not in focus,
    • black and white,
    • too cropped,
    • with a flash or other light source reflection,
    • manipulated by camera's or scanner's software.
  • Submitting documents that are expired or too damaged.


Please make sure that the file is no larger than 3MB in size.


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