How can my Coinfloor account be verified quickly?

To avoid delays in verification, please ensure you have provided us with the following:

  • A valid passport rather than driving license.
  • ​A high quality colour picture of your documents, rather than a scanned copy.
  • For passports, please include the full ID page and the page next to it.
  • For non-UK national ID cards, please upload the front and back in separate images.
  • For driving licences, please only submit the front of the photocard.

What can lead to document verification issues?

  • Submitting documents that are expired or too damaged.
  • ​Submitting images that are:
  • Low resolution
  • Out of focus
  • Black and white
  • Cropped in any way
  • With a flash or other light source reflection
  • Manipulated by camera or scanner software.

Please ensure that each file is no larger than 3MB in size.


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