April 2018 change of deposit and withdrawal minimums

NOTE: Coinfloor Exchange UK has decided to pause the increase in Fiat deposit and withdrawal minimums until a date to be determined. Please see our blog post dated 3 April for updated information on this policy.

We previously communicated that this policy would take effect from 2 April, include a 14 day grace period which was to end on 16th April. These dates have been postponed to a date to be determined.


As of 2 April 2018, Coinfloor Exchange UK has increased the GBP and USD deposit and withdrawal minimums. 

Please see our blog post for the original announcement: BLOG: Coinfloor Exchange UK to increase Fiat deposit and withdrawal minimums



Q: Is Coinfloor Exchange UK introducing a minimum balance required to keep the account active?

A: No, there is no minimum required balance to keep a Coinfloor Exchange UK account open.


Q: If my current balance is below 10K GBP/USD do I have to withdraw it by 16/04/2018?

A: No, if you do not wish to withdraw your GBP or USD from your balance, you are welcome to keep it with Coinfloor Exchange UK to continue trading.


Q: I have already sent a deposit between 2,500 and 10,000 prior to the announcement, will you accept it when it arrives?

A: Yes, the deposit will be cleared with no delay as it will arrive on Coinfloor Exchange UK's client bank account before 16 April 2018, 17:00 BST.


Q: What does the 14 days grace period cover?

A: Customers who have a balance below £10,000/$10,000 and wish to withdraw these funds from the exchange can withdraw their total GBP and/or USD balance until 16 April 2018, 17:00 BST. This allowance will be made one-time only and the withdrawal must contain the full balance of the customer account in either GBP or USD. Other balances held by the client are not taken into account.
Also, any deposits between 2,500 and 10,000 that arrive by 16 April 2018, 17:00 BST will be cleared with no delay.


Q: Do you intend to increase EUR & PLN limits any time soon?

A: Currently there are no immediate plans to do this. 

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