How can I bitcoin dollar-cost average (DCA) with Coinfloor?

By setting up a regular Autobuy standing order (e.g. weekly or monthly) you can accumulate bitcoin over time, which helps to smooth out some of the short term price volatility.

    1. Download the Coinfloor app on Android Play Store or iOS App Store.
    2. Find your Autobuy deposit details (including your unique reference code which will have the format 'AUTO XXXX') on the Buy tab.
    3. Set up a recurring standing order via your bank to deposit GBP to Coinfloor. 

    When your deposit is processed by Coinfloor the GBP is traded for bitcoin and the bitcoin is deposited to your Coinfloor account.

    Autobuy deposits are processed between 7:30am – 9:30pm, Monday to Sunday.

    You will receive email confirmation once your purchase is complete.

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