What functionality does the app support?

Currently the app supports the following functionality:

  • Sign up and verification.
  • Set up a standing order to regularly buy bitcoin (Autobuy).
  • Make one-off bitcoin purchases (Singlebuy). 
  • Sell & Withdraw.
  • View your Autobuy / Singlebuy / Sell & Withdraw history.
  • Invite your friends to Coinfloor and earn commission on their Autobuy fees. 
  • View your commission history.
  • View your bitcoin balance and its value in GBP.
  • Track the price of bitcoin.
  • Withdraw BTC.
  • View your Pro Trade history.
  • View your GBP & EUR balance.
  • View your Deposit & Withdrawal history.

To trade on the Exchange is accessible via our website. 

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